Dynamic DNS

The Lightning Wire Labs DNS Services provides a powerful dynamic DNS service.

The Lightning Wire Labs DNS service supports two ways to perform dynamic DNS updates from a remote client. The most common one is the web API where some client software sends an HTTPS request to the web service. The second supported way is DNS updates according to RFC2136.


Check out the documentation in our API section to learn how to update your dynamic DNS record automatically:

DNS Update (RFC2136)

The DNS Update mechanism implemented as layed out in RFC2136 can be used to update a DNS zone from remote. This can be done by scripts that use the nsupdate command or automatically by a DHCP server that updates the DNS for every issued lease.

This feature can only be used with TSIG. So the first step is to create a new TSIG key and enable it for use with DNS Update. You will then need to configure your update tool (e.g. the DHCP server) to send updates to the master server of the zone you want to dynamically update using the created TSIG key.