Dynamic DNS

Getting the public IP address is hard when you are behind a NAT router. This service will tell you what your IP address is.

Send an HTTPS GET or POST request to the following URL: https://dns.lightningwirelabs.com/update You may send the following parameters and values:

Request parameters

(MAY) The username/email address of the account this host belongs to.
(MUST if username is set) The corresponding password.
If token authentication is enabled, you must provide the token here.


The IP address the request originates from is used if no address* argument is provided.

On hosts which are connected via IPv6 and IPv4, it is not sufficient to just send one request, because only one IP address will be updated. You should determine both IP addresses locally or with help of checkip.dns.lightningwirelabs.com.

You may delete addresses by passing a dash (‐) instead of a valid IP address.

(MAY) A valid IPv6 address.
(MAY) A valid IPv4 address.


The server will respond with code 200 if everything went alright.

In case of invalid credentials (username & password or token), the system will respond with code 403.

In case of invalid data, the system will repsond with code 400.