DNS they way it has to be. Simple. Reliable. Secure.

A service provided by Lightning Wire Labs.

It's simple.

Because configuring DNS zones should not be a hard task, our service provides a simple configuration interface that is usable with basic understanding of DNS. For your advanced needs, you will find all the buttons and switches to customize your zones as you like.

It's reliable.

We are running multiple name servers in different data centres. All data is replicated instantaneously from the primary to the secondary name servers which are all accessible over IPv6 as well.

It's secure.

We are not only fast, but we implement latest development like DNSSEC which protect your DNS responses from fraud. All communication with us uses strong encryption to protect your privacy.

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Master Zones

We support any TLD on the Internet being used with our DNS service. You will have complete control over all settings like defining AXFR hosts, the TTL of all records and more.

Reverse Zones

We support reverse DNS for IPv6 and IPv4. Of course in combination with DNSSEC, too.

Slave Zones

Use our name servers as slave name servers for your primary name server. That reduces the load on your own DNS infrastructure, and lets our name servers serve the clients on the Internet.

If you are searching for backup DNS hosting, because your domain is already hosted elsewhere, this is for you.


We support DNSSEC, the DNS Security Extension that signs your zone data with a key to guarantee its authenticity. You won't even notice that you are using it, because it does not complicate anything in any way. Just enable it and you are done.

Supported Record Types

Our DNS services supports the following DNS record types: A, AAAA, ALIAS, CAA, CNAME, DNAME, DS, HINFO, LOC, MX, NAPTR, NS, PTR, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TLSA and TXT

With Dynamic DNS, it is possible to provide your own services even on internet connections with dynamic IP addresses. Host your own site from home, work or school and access your computer by its name.

We support dynamic DNS with IPv6 and protect your DNS data with DNSSEC where ever possible. It is also possible to use your own domains in combination with this service.

  • Global DNS Network
    • Geographically separated name servers
    • Round-Robin load balancing and automatic failover
    • IPv6 enabled name server network
    • No delay on zone updates
  • Many record types supported
    • Wildcard records
    • Unlimited number of records per zone allowed
  • Easy management interface
    • Allows simple configuration even for advanced records like DS, SSHFP and more.