Master Operation

The default operation mode of the Lightning Wire Labs DNS network is the master mode, where our name servers are authoritative for your domain.

Adding a zone

In order to create a new slave zone, head over to the Zone Manager and click "New Zone".

Click "New Zone" and enter the name of the zone. and type the IP address of the master server the zone is transferred from. Click "Create zone" to finish the process.

It will take a moment until the zone is transferred from the master server and shown on the user interface. Make sure to allow zone transfers.

Is DNSSEC supported?

Yes, we support DNSSEC.

Please check out the DNSSEC section on this knowledge base for more information about it.

Is TSIG supported?

Yes, we support TSIG.

TSIG is an authentication mechanism based on symmetric hashes. It can be used to authenticate outgoing zone transfers and DNS Updates.

Third-party slaves

It is possible to run the Lightning Wire Labs DNS network as (hidden) master for your zone and use other slave name servers as well.

Click on "Properties" of your zone and scroll down to "Zone Transfer Settings". You may enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses or subnets that are allowed to transfer this entire zone.


If you use addition DNS servers, our nameservers will automatically send NOTIFY messages to the other slave servers so that they will update their date after any zone updates.