Slave Operation

You can use the Lightning Wire Labs DNS network as a slave network to your hidden master. That enables you to use the performance of our DNS servers and you may stick with your current management system.

Adding a zone

In order to create a new slave zone, head over to the Zone Manager and click "New Zone".

Click "New Slave Zone" and enter the name of the zone and type the IP address of the master server the zone is transferred from. Click "Create zone" to finish the process.

It will take a moment until the zone is transferred from the master server and shown on the user interface. Make sure to allow zone transfers.

Zone Transfers

To transfer all zone records, you will need to allow an AXFR zone transfer from our nameserver with the following IP addresses:

  • 2001:470:7655::53

You will need to permit access from these IP address to your master server to UDP/53 and TCP/53.

Notifications will accept NOTIFY messages from your master server and initiate a zone transfer if the zone has been changed.

Outgoing Zone Transfer for Slave Zones

We also allow outgoing AXFR zone transfers to other name servers if you wish to.

Is DNSSEC supported?

Yes, slave operation for zones that use DNSSEC is supported.

The master server will sign the entire zone when it is transferred to our name servers. This is also a recommended way how to operate DNSSEC.