BIND Zones

BIND Zone Files are the most common way to work with zone data in a human-readable format. You may export and import zone file data in this format in the Lightning Wire Labs DNS service.

$TTL 1800           86400   IN     SOA (
                                            1391878516 ; serial
                                            10800      ; refresh time
                                            1800       ; retry time
                                            604800     ; expiry time
                                            1800       ; minimum time
@                      172800  IN     NS
@                      172800  IN     NS
@                      86400   IN     MX    10
mail                   86400   IN     A
mail                   86400   IN     AAAA  2001:db8::1
www                    86400   IN     A

Exporting BIND Zone Files

For your backup purposes, it is possible to export your zones in the BIND zone file format.

Click on the wrench button and pick "Bind Zone File" in the "Export" section.

Importing BIND Zone Files

You may also import zone from BIND zones files.

In the zone manager, click on "Import a zone from a BIND zone file" and paste the zone file.